Laura Salonen – multiple “me”s around the web

Ok, so I hope I’ll never lose my memory and if I do, I hope Google is not my only option to regain my old self back. Finding out who and what kind of person I am by googleling myself didn’t turn out to be easy. As you might know, Laura is quite a common name all around the world. On top of this my last name, Salonen, is one of the most popular in Finland. So, as I googled myself, I didn’t manage to find myself on the first page of my google search, even though I clicked Facebook open as well. On Facebook I wasn’t even shown in the offered options of “Laura Salonen”, although I tried to make a more specific search by searching from people living in Helsinki (anyway, my current profile picture doesn’t show my face so I wouldn’t recognize myself).

There seems to be a radio host called Laura Salonen who is working for a Finnish radio station called SuomiPop and who’s taking most of the attention out of me. However, she doesn’t look like the girl in my driver’s license, so I think I’m not her. The first page where I manage to find myself is LinkedIn. I get some information about my work and studies but I haven’t filled my profile information that deeply so it doesn’t really give me that much clue about me as a person. The next page where I show up is my Pinterest account, which tells me something about my (more material) interests. I’m quite an active pinner and according to my Pinterest profile, I like clothes, home decoration and food.


It’s actually sort of relieving to drown into the big Google sea filled with persons who have the same name as I do. But also a little sad – there are so many Laura Salonens who are more “popular” than I am and have done some remarkable things (according to Google) that they overthrow my presence in this information filled world. So, should I start branding myself or just be content that my future bosses won’t get any information on me from the web?

However, this is the first time I google myself and actually take a deeper look into it, so it’s funny to find that there are people that have the same name as I do and they have done the same things that I’ve done.  Like there has been a Laura Salonen sitting in the parent council of the high school where I went to, there’s a Laura Salonen who’s a swimmer (I used to swim), there are few Laura Salonens who live in Pori (a town where I was born), etc. We are not just sharing our name but also our interests, it seems.

PS. There actually used to be a Facebook group for people called Laura Salonen. I think it doesn’t exist anymore, but maybe I should consider putting it up again.


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