Who am I according to the Internet?

When you google me online there four things you can find about me; first you will find that I have a Facebook profile. The page however is closed, and the only thing you can see is my profile picture. So the world knows what I look like, nevertheless this is also the only picture you can find of me using Google. The second thing you can find about me is that I have a profile on LinkedIn, again the profile is closed again. The third thing that Google find about me, is that I have a profile at Runkeeper; from this is can be concluded that I apparently like sports. The fourth thing is more personal; it’s an article I have written for a charity I worked for when I was in India for two months. It writes about my experiences when I was there. But it also reveals that I am from the Netherlands, because the article is in Dutch. Other than those four things, not a lot can be found about me online.

I am the only one in the world that has this name, and my last name is very uncommon. So when you google me, you can pretty much be sure is that the stuff that is posted online is indeed me and not someone who happens to share the same name. I am not surprised not a lot of information can be found online about me. I am very conscious about what I put on the internet. I have no control over other people and what they post about me online, so I don’t go out of my way to avoid it. But I do have control about myself, and therefore do think carefully about what I post, because I want to keep my dignity and self-respect.

By: Inge F.
University of Helsinki


Published by Life in Media

Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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