Three Marie Duperier indexed by Google

Google can give me back my lost memories ? 

I’m not sure because when I google my name, I’m not the first Marie Duperier indexed by Google through Facebook and thanks to the profile picture I can see it’s not me. I appear in the second position with my Facebook profile, but it’s not only me because my twin sister and me we share our Facebook profile, one for both of us. The reason of this is a practical one: in 2008 our cousin who was travelling in Australia created a Facebook profile for us to see her trip pictures and we have never changed it. Why ? I don’t really know. I think I like this idea to share with my twin sister, as we don’t study in the same city I can know her friends, and I have the impression of being not alone online, as if  I am more protected, more in safety and more difficult to find online thanks to this, because our Facebook profile name is Marie Fanny Duperier. On this profile we just can see our profile and cover pictures (5 pictures in all) and these pictures show our trips together, so it’s as if I am trying to show me as a traveller, therefore “a cool person”, and as I am very close with my twin sister. 

There is no more things about me online. Hence maybe I give the impression of being no-connected, no modern, no mediated, not too much involved in social networks… Or perhaps on the contrary  I give the impression of being a rebellious person against social media and internet who refuses to join the social networks community… I think these two possibilities are wrong but maybe some people feel this about me. I don’t know who I am trying to be online because before I have never wondered about this, I think yes in Facebook, like everybody, I want to show my best memories (trips and good time with friends and family) because bad memories are too intimate, too private. You want to share happiness not misfortune, the world is already too miserable. And I don’t feel the need to be on other social networks, except LinkedIn I am thinking about register me and I think I will do it to have contacts in my field of work. 




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