Beliebers no more …

Beliebers no more …

People in the US want Justin Bieber deported so badly that they are getting their government involved. Within 72 hours, 100,000 signatures collected following the ‘We The People” petition. The petition was created by a 24-year old guy named Roger Skrzynski. In a statement he said the following: “I’m just listening on the radio about Bieber’s problems and thought how funny would it be to be the first to get a petition up there real quick and get a response from the White House? (…) I created this petition as a complete joke. But within days the petition had generated over 100,000 signatures, meaning that president Obama is obliged to respond to this matter.

It amazes me that people, individuals who have no connection or affiliation with each other, would come together on a website and sign a petition that was created as a joke at first instance. That people take time out of their busy schedule to sign a petition. These people really believe the US would be a better country without Justin Bieber be part of it, and that their lives would be significant improved without him being there. Forget about the current economic crisis we are in … let’s focus on Justin Bieber. He is the source of all our problems.

By: Inge F.
University of Helsinki


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