Yangjuan Hu – Alone Together

I love the word “alone together”. It seems like the answer I’ve looking forward for a long time.

When our question today appeared on the slide, I found what I wrote for the first question might be a better answer to this one. It’s about a Chinese online movement to save the lost children, as well as their parents. The idea is to take a picture of any homeless or begging child you come across in the street and post it on Weibo (Chinese twitter) so that parents whose children are missing may see these pictures and find their children. Believe it or not, there are at least six missing children who have been found by their family in this way. What you did may just be sitting in front of your laptop and reposting the picture of a child you never knew, and you would probably forget about it several hours later, but you could possibly have saved the child and his or her family because your repost might be indispensable for the parents to finally see the picture.

This is an example of alone together having an ethical impact on the real world. But it’s what I’ve written about for the first question. So here I want to share with you another example of alone together having aesthetical impact on the real world. That the virtual choir conducted by Eric Whitacre. The basic idea is to collect videos from all over the world of people singing different part of a choir and remix them to be a real but virtue choir. Everyone was singing and recording alone, but together they made wonderful choir.


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