Google google on the wall who am I in this Digital World

Okay so not fair because I actually have had a chance to edit my search results before I did this task. I’ve deleted a site that I didn’t want to be found on my google search but obviously I didn’t come empty handed out of this assignment.

So now, who am I. Okay instantly I can find two pictures looking like me but that third one I wouldn’t say looks like me but I guess it could be me when I was young and before plastic surgery?! Searching for more images I can see that there is another Ida Sjöman living in Sweden.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.23.16

I can find stuff about a crane company which I assume I work in. But this could also be a coincidence just because of my name. There is a facebook profile which I’m pretty sure is mine. Looks like I did BA in Kingston University and Masters degree in Helsinki, I currently live in Helsinki and I’m born 13th of June, year unknown. There’s a twitter account that has not much activity and an instagram account that is being used on a regular bases. From this instagram account I can find actually pretty much info about my family, boyfriend (I assume), my interests and what my house looks like (I assume that is my house). There is also a Vimeo account with couple of videos that don’t make any sense to me, maybe I’m into digital media!

Okay then there is an open portfolio and from there I can see my work history and education background as well. I can also find an email address. There’s also a linkedin profile that is under my name, there I can see that I have a few professional connections, great!

Funny finding is that I’m actually on IMDb! International movie database, haha maybe I’m an actress after all or some kind of celebrity? Clicking on that I can see that I’ve actually worked for a production company, information also on my online portfolio, and linkedin so no I’m not an actress although it would have been cool.

In the end I’m not that interesting to be honest. There’s noting off or nothing scandalous to find out about me. No drunken photos or anything that I could see affecting my future plans to become the next Barack Obama.

There is absolutely no good reason for why I posted this video, it simply popped up while I was doing my search! Have a great day all my digital friends!


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