The second “who”

There are three questions that surround us during our whole life: who we think we are; who we try to be; and who we actually are. The last one question, some psychologists believe that we will never know the right answer. Though, humans do not give up on knowing their own personality: what are their wishes; why they behavior like that; where the feelings come from and why they come.

This post, though, is about the second question involving “who”. Doing some research about myself on the internet, and having in mind that supposedly I should not know anything about myself, I noticed how hard is to be honest with others about the issue of who I actually think I am and try to take off the mask I put on the internet in order to be someone I try to be. Though it was hard. I tried my best. It was a great exercise to help me accomplish the one objective of human: to know my personality.

In my researches I saw a person that is afraid of people to think she is superficial and equal as everyone. A person that is afraid of not being special somehow. Mostly, you are not going to find a common sense like in her profile: the bands, the authors, the books.

This person is also a bit delayed in its involvement with social media in comparison with other people. Most of the profiles are unused: Stoa, Meetme, Linkedin, even Twitter. On her Facebook there is not many photos posted by herself and there are not many posts on her feed also. Maybe that is another struggle to be different, since everyone is getting more and more involved with social media day by day or maybe a fear of exposing herself to others since she might also fears what people think about her. Maybe it is both. Though waiting to be different somehow, I found out that I also use a mask on social media as everyone else. I want to show the best of me. What I think it is the best, at least. I would not exposure my weaknesses.

Therefore, thinking about the second question involving “who”, it was also a great exercise to help me accomplish the one objective of human, which is to know my personality, because I got deeply in touch with who I try to be and who I think I am. Doing so, I believe I got a bit closer today to the answer of the question about who I actually am. 

Fernanda Conforto.


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