I Will 2013- Tahdon 2013 – Tiiu Särkijärvi

My topic relates to Lauri’s topic of kansalaisaloite.fi and could be an example of it. One of the suggestions for new legislation in Finland in 2013 was I Will 2013 (Tahdon 2013), which was about equal marriage law concerning same-sex couples. The initiative gathered 166 851 signatures and was passed to the Finnish Parliament. I Will 2013 movement had a very active facebook campaign/support site, where people received information about how the initiative was progessing and where people could also post supportive messages/pictures. One of my friends, who is a graphic design student, made a comic, which was published in the facebook group. Currently the facebook group has 75 060 followers.

The hype created by the facebook group, among other things, at least for me, kept the issue relevant and reminded me of what was going on. The Facebook group combines the efforts of individual users and a greater goal. The pictures posted by the users were often ironic or funny.

You can find my friend’s comic below, it’s unfortunately in Finnish, but the main idea probably comes across. I Will 2013 –campaign has received criticism, for example, from religious groups and the comic has a take on this. Basically the priest in the pictures blesses everything from shopping malls, to dogs and even stoves. The caption in the last picture says “So you were maybe thinking that I could what?!”

There’s also a picture about the meme-guy mentioned during class, which was also posted on the facebook group. meme




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