María Hernández – helping the world with a simple click

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, there are many initiatives which allow us to participate in a project with people from all over the world. Due to all these initiatives we can create the illusion of being part of a group even if we are just clicking a button in our computer.

One example of this kind of projects is the webpage Through this online site anyone can start a petition and ask for signatures. The aim of this project is to raise the awareness about certain issues that worry people, and that is the reason why anyone can start his own petition.

In the webpage we can find many different types of petitions: from a protest against a corrupt politician who they want to resign to a petition from a mother who wants a cure for her child. For instance, in Spain, due to the economic and social crisis, this site is becoming very popular when talking about corruption in the government and cuts in the budgets for health care or educational purposes.

This webpage fits perfectly with the idea of “together alone”, because you can start something that can be really good for the whole society without having to meet other people, and you can participate in a good initiative from the solitude of your room.

Projects like this have proven to be successful in many occasions but, in my opinion, they are taking away the strength of the unity of humankind because, all together, we can create very strong social movements with great results.


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