Life in media, media in life

Do we imitate the media in real life? Yes, we do. Not only we live immersed in the media, but even try to play them in real life.

In a series of television in Spain, “Sad life”, the protagonist is inmersed in an absurd story where his entire environment behaves exactly as would do on Facebook. This chapter series is probably inspired by the marketing of “Faceboom” book written by the argentine Juan Faerman, which analyzes the social network, and its functions. In the advertisement I share with you, the man come back home and finds his wife with another man, and she tells him she found him in a party for ex-classmates in primary school and are now friends. After thinking about the situation, the guy answers “then,  we are friends” and , at this moment, another guy leaves the wardrobe by saying “I like it”.

MuseumSelfie Day has been  an initiative which was held January 22 around the world. The idea was to encourage  the people to get “selfies” at the museums so as to promote the visit to these cultural institutions.

Another not-so-productive example is the episode starring by Zachary Burgess in 2013. This 20-year-old boy was arrested in Alabama, United States, because he wanted to play the game Grand Thief Auto V in a  real way. To do so, he stole a truck, abducted its owner, and slammed it into nine vehicles. The boy was charged with an offence of robbery, kidnapping, escape, as well as damage to parked vehicles.

In conclusion, we not only  live the media, but we can bring them to the “real life”? for diferent reasons. Maybe we want to create a satire about our  behavior; achieve certain goals or realize a fantasy. And this is something which shows us how media life fascinates us.

Itziar P.S


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