My friend Google

  1. One evening I decided to forget who I am and sat forward on my desk. Then, I decided to ask my friend Google – “who” had helped me so many times- Who am I trying to be. Suddenly, came to mind one rather violent event for me, and I felt PANIC. Yes, HORROR is the word. The reason is two years ago a friend of mine  found one of my pictures in a page where some women sold sexual services. Thus, my friend wrote to me via Facebook and I wrote to the page. Automatically, they  deleted it.But hey, I had to forget, I decided to forget, so I just asked google: who is “Itziar Pedroche Santoveña”?  And  he answered to me something which made me feel more confortable:  I’m BORING! Yeah, and too much. I will explain why:
    • First four links: tutorials about how to use prezi (not so good).
    • Fifth link: Some images of my diferent profiles (very Little, nothing special).
    • Sixth: A group created by me and a friend to organize meetings between people who are learning Finnish.
    • Seventh: A link of 2006 where people votes between some girls who is the “cutest” in Madrid (embarrasing teen stuff).
    • Eight: I am hotly defending Anne Hataway in a blog where someone criticized her.
    • Nineth: I sell my services as oper (instead of au-pair) in Bling.
    • Tenth: A petition in to the government of Madrid asking  for the modification of the section 8g in the grant of Excellence 2013. The reason is the government decided to change the section 8g of the grant and so many people were afected –me too- (21 signatures, good job).
    • Finally, I have my name in the page of “baratrometrajes”, a spanish producer of low budget films in Spain where I have participated by  crowdfunding.

    To sum up, Google has told me I am not journalist, even when I am studying it. Google has told me I am just a girl who likes to make tutorials about Prezi, learn a dificult language with others, who liked to be  knowed by strangers when see was younger, etc. Itziar, for Google, is not journalist, and What is the meaning of this in media life? I am not journalist! Yeah, I like the spanish cinema, travel to another countries as “oper” or to make“Prezi” tutorials. But, Is that really what I am trying to be? Well, Google is a good friend, and as allways, he has helped me a lot. In fact, that evening he gave me a good advice: “Itziar, you should concentrate your efforts so as to be productive for your future. You can create a  blog and share your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, they are good friends too, and they will help you  to do so. I can show you to others as a journalist, but you should work for it! Because be boring is confortable, but when you are too confortable you don´t grow up.”

  2. Itziar Pedroche. S

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