Media lets me constantly feel up to date

Skyping with my father a few days ago, we got to discussing how incredibly easy communication through all media platforms is nowadays. In a matter of seconds I can call or FaceTime my family and friends, even though we are in different countries. It’s crazy to think that just around ten years ago when my father was in Afghanistan, the only way of contacting him was through emails (this was also due to the fact that it was hard to make contact in any other way there at the time), and now that I’m the one that’s left home, he can call and see me whenever he wants. This ease of communication is the main reason I love media, as it constantly allows for increasing international relationships, because almost everyone is able to connect to each other. I think that we are all very lucky to be able to live in a time where this type of communication is available and constantly developing.

Karoliina Karus


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