The broken phone..

When Mark Deuze asked us to write/post something about why we ❤ media I was a bit uninspired.

Not because there are no reasons to ❤ media, but because there are so many; how do you write about something that is everything?

But yesterday I found my answer.. My iPhone, which already had some flaws and a broken touchscreen, would not switch on anymore. I tried everything; two adapters, 200 clicks on the homebutton  etc. This may sound a bit cliché but I literally had to ”survive ” a day without my phone and I was a bit in shock (and maybe even een little ashamed) about my behavior.  I knew it was broken and I knew it would not switch on, but I automatically grabbed that stupid (<3)  thing every 10 minutes.

That evening I went to a party. Don’t get me wrong because I love it when you’re at a party and no one uses their phones and yes I can have a great evening without mine ,but this is what happened; shock one, I brought the phone with me.. ( why would you take a broken phone with you to a party…? I have no idea either)  but shock two is that something deep inside of me was a bit ”unsatisfied” about the fact that I wasn’t able to take selfies and post them on Snapchat that evening. Why the hell would you care about something like that, right? Because I know it’s stupid and I couldn’t handle the fact that I thought like that.

When I came home I decided to give it one last chance. I grabbed my phone, grabbed my adapter and guess what happened.. yes, it switched on. Why wouldn’t it at first? Because the socket I tried that afternoon had an ”issue” (and  I tried another one this time).   It was as if my freaking phone tried to teach me a lesson and wanted to make me realize that I’m an addict.

And from that moment I realized why I ❤ media; we just can’t live without it anymore. I truly care about my phone (also a shout out to my laptop btw) and I know it sounds pathetic, but I’m 100% sure that I’m not the only one……. So I want to come clean and say:  yes I share bullshit, yes I’m a FaceBook stalker, yes I’m a party snapchatter, yes I use filters and yes I follow Kim Kardashian. But there is nothing wrong with that.


Madelief Sienema



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