Media = Oxygen

When I was in primary school I had long Lunar New years holidays and I was just wondering what should I do and I decided to watch Korean dramas and movies from that moment I started watching different tv shows which created an interest for me to watch and learn more about media.

Media was and is still now is a room where I can breathe and escape from outside world. Me living in India for 8 years and living now in Netherlands created a distance between Korean culture. Despite this kind of barricades, media has developed a route that helped me to get connected to Korean culture. Live broadcast, online streaming, and download have really helped my school and university life. Watching tv Shows was one of my ways to get rid of stress from school and work and during the moment when I watch them I feel really relaxed and entertained and forget about the happenings which helped me to gain confidence and was also form of motivation.

Riding a bicycle and coming to school is really boring without any music. Hearing music and coming to school in the morning really pump up my mood and makes me to be active in class and make my day really chill and happy.  Going to K-pop concert in Netherland was my first-time experience and watching and listening to Korean songs live was so much different from hearing from my phone. Despite being a Korean Artist there were a lot of people from different countries and this made me understand how music can create a strong cultural relationship and how music can break a barrier of communication which has really made me to understand the power of music as a source of media


This realization from my life experience has made me love Media and why I cannot leave them


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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