Why I love My Media

I love my media because it’s multifaceted. I love Facebook because I can still observe the shenanigans that go on back home in Ireland. I can see my mad cousin Paul’s angry statuses on global corporations, and pictures of my little cousin’s first communion. Every morning I make use of the Internet to stream the Irish radio and hear Ryan Tubridy talk about the same topic for 6 months. In terms of media use, this is probably what I’m most grateful for!

I love media because I love to learn. Platforms like YouTube are abundant in knowledge. Just yesterday I learnt about a range of topics, from why Stephen King despises Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, to how pink became a colour associated with femininity. I love YouTube because those two topics, self contained, are not typical pieces of information you might stumble upon during your day to day, but content creators make that possible.

I definitely don’t love using my iPhone as much as other media artefacts, and I definitely don’t love Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook notifications, but that doesn’t mean that I write off my media altogether, I just choose to omit certain aspects. I love WhatsApp for it’s group chat functions, which benefit me from time to time, and I especially love the mute function. My phone is always on silent and I love that I have the choice to check my phone and that I don’t feel a compulsion to. I love that it’s there when I need it, and isn’t stating it’s presence when I don’t.


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