Why I Cannot Say NO to Media

Talking about this topic, I would like to bring about a phenomenon: mobile-phone addition. This issue was widely discussed in the world. To which extent, media via technology influenced human beings. Even though the fact, there are more and more traffic accidents caused by using a phone, we as phone users just can’t hold back our demand and desire for phone. To some extent ,It may reflect a truth which is we love media and cannot live without her.

For me, I am crazy fan of media. I need to contact people and acquire knowledge everyday. I cannot leave media alone. To be specific, I am involved with media life. I can imagine that one day, my phone is out of power and the internet is not workable, it may drive me insane. Media is democratic for us to communicate with each other easily and conveniently. People share their personal information and get to know each other well.

If something bad happened, such as a car accident, we cannot leave media itself alone. We have to use our phones to call an ambulance. Ironic. So, we cannot say NO to media.





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  1. I love my media because it poses a paradox which I believe will define our generation in the future. We have unlimited knowledge at our fingertips – and utilise only a fraction of it. We endlessly engage in social media platforms that were designed to help us connect with each other – only to find us isolating ourselves behind a screen in social situations. We aspire to make friends with interesting people, but the only profiles we’re really interested in – both online and in reality – are our own. I love my media because it is so good at holding up its mirror to our faces only to point out how foolishly we behave.

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