Why I Heart My Media

As a Media and Information student I should have multiple reasons to love my media. And I do, but I also hate it. Often media platforms such as Instagram makes me anxious and self-doubting. When newspapers are full off headlines of shootings, terrorist attacks and natural catastrophes it makes me want to shut off my phone and my laptop and crawl into a dark hole where I can’t see or hear and nothing bad happens. But if I would do that I would loose so much more than just the bad things.
Living in another country than my friends, family and boyfriend can get pretty rough sometimes. Not being able to spend time with them, hug them and share our joys and sorrows together physically and mentally is excruciating, but being able to connect them at least in some kind of way is making it a whole lot easier. I can call, text, email and send Snapchats to my beloved ones. I can open my Instagram or Facebook and see pictures and statuses they are posting about their holidays, new haircuts, new jobs etc. Getting connected to the people in my life is just one click away.
Just a week ago my family hosted a dinner with my cousin, grandmother, aunt and my boyfriend. Living here, I miss these kind of gatherings. Thanks for media I was spending time with all of them through a video call. I’m thankful that we live in a time where media has gone so far that the only way to get connected to people abroad isn’t just sending letters.

Aino Huuskonen


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