Why I love my media?

There is so much to hate about media, that I find it difficult to think about something that I actually like about it. I hate that I constantly check my snapchat, just to see if somebody sent me a ridiculously filtered selfie that I honestly don’t care about. I hate that I check who has viewed my insta story. I also hate how I get mad when someone leaves me on read. But then I think about my family and friends, who are approximately 1192 kilometres away and I know why I love my media. I love how I can contact them every time I need or want to. I love how my mom can send me a picture of my dogs when I ask her to (no joke, I’m obsessed over my dogs) and I love how my best friend can FaceTime me and blabber about what happened to her over the past few days. Without that sort of communication it would be way harder not to miss home (and your pets) so I guess that I love my media mostly for the possibilities it provides in terms of communicating other people.

Natalia Dercz


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