Small Devices= Thousands of Information

As an international student the number one reason why I love my media is because I can contact the people I care about anytime. For instance, it doesn’t matter the distance whenever something bothers me I can contact my family easily(as long as I have wifi connection).

But the most significant fact is that by carrying a tiny device I am able to carry with me “tones” of information all the time. I can check my emails, my grades, the weather, pictures, the news and so on. We buy expensive mobile devices, for example, and we carry them in our pockets every day. However, we underestimate their “powers” by considering ourselves clever just because we press a button and get limitless information. The real strength is not that we hold a device of 1000euros but the capabilities that this gadget offers. Through these capabilities people have a chance to choose how they are going to use their devices for their own benefit. So, we can conclude that a device is literally the extend of people’s hand since it completes their abilities.

So beside the fact that media eliminate distances and make communication fast and simple(excluding cases with technical problems) one more reason why I love media is because they give me the feeling of a super hero who holds the “world” in the palm of her hand.


Lia Kaliatza


Published by Life in Media

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