I could literally write a book on this

Media is awesome. The internet holds almost every different piece of modern knowledge there is to find. If I want to read up about quantum physics, I can. Not that I will, but the option is there if I should ever need it. If I want to find a simple mac and cheese recipe to make at 2am, I can! I have done this many times.

I can message my sister in England and also simultaneously message my other sister in the same room as me. While being on the phone to my cousin in Australia. While looking up more late night snack recipes. All of these things can be done on ONE device. AT THE SAME TIME. That’s pretty cool.

Media spreads knowledge. It’s not always particularly important or useful, but it’s how our society learns and evolves. Media is communication, it’s how we talk to one another. Media is who we are. I would be in a pretty depressing place if I hated media, because that means I hate everyone and everything around me. Some days I feel like that, but it’s not because I hate media, usually my wifi is down.

Sarah Spiteri



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