Why I heart my Media.

Why do I heart my Media?

Maybe it is the allure of the devices; the polished glass, the sleek buttons and the pleasing responsiveness of a touch screen. But it isn’t just the warm glow that permeates from 50 inch illuminated sheets of liquid crystal display. Also, It feels rather shallow to reduce my enjoyment to mere physical sensation, so let’s breach the surface of this longing for Media.

Maybe it is the near immeasurable access I have to information. But I do not think these devices (completely) define me; I think they expose me to ideas, experiences and perspectives that help me to define myself. It constantly rearranges the social circles we keep and interact with, in ways that would never have been possible without these infinitely evolving platforms.

Media also constantly fools me, not just with neat little VR experiences that our predecessors would have called sorcery, but by challenging my idea of reality. What do I really know to be true? Particularly digital Media, does any of it really exist if I cannot physically hold it? Obscure existential questions aside, I figure the reason Media holds a place in my heart is because it embodies the principle that the only constant is change. The same is true of human beings. Media has, does and will continue to change me, and for that I am eternally infatuated with it.  

Terence Moore (Terry)


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