Me(dia) Myself and I

Heart: the center of the total personality, especially with reference to intuition, feeling or emotion. (taken from a random appealing online
Do I have to go any further with this answer? I thought this sounded fancy enough.

All right, let’s admit it. I do not only heart my media, I truly stomach them, I completely live(r) them, I feet-ure them in everything that I do.
Oh, and my actual heart beats, right? Well then since I heart them, I guess I’ll beat them too – did you say heart Media or hurt Media?

Ok, you see, I just complained about Media through Media itself. Nice way of losing a couple of minutes of my very extra super busy daily life.
I guess I’ll stop typing now, I don’t have time for this “hearting my media” thing – I must definitely absolutely immediately check my Instagram, sorry. It was nice being here though. (being who? here where? dude, are you serious?)


Cristiana Sandeva



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