Why I Love My Media: Reasons Why.

Why I love my media

Regarding the subject of the enjoyment of media, the love I produce regarding media in my current situation comes through two separate formats. Firstly, the practical use of social media, and secondly, through consuming and sharing entertainment media, such as television and film.

To begin, I strongly love my social media, for it allows me to regenerate and strengthen my social relationships across the world, at any point in time, in any location. Through applications such as Facebook or Instagram, I am able to stay in touch with close friends from across the globe, which is very critical in my life for I have lived in many different places and spawned various strong relationships in such places; which naturally can not be supported in person historically. Whilst in historical periods of time people could not maintain long-distance relationships outside mediums such as the postal service, my social media allows me to connect to a friend from halfway across the globe at the instantaneous click of a button, and to check up on their life and health at any moment. As a very sociable person, I naturally love my friends, therefore I love my social media for allowing my friendships to bolster despite distance.

Secondly, I have love for my media in regards to my personal consumption of entertainment at any point. In a similar vein to my reasons for loving social media, modern applications such as Netflix or Hulu allow me to access hundreds of my favorite TV-shows at any moment, without taking up precious physical storage space. This also comes with a financial advantage, as one subscription can replace the purchases of many DVD’s, as I had previously done growing up. Some of my favorite shows, such as South Park, offer episodes for free online as soon as they are released, which is perfect for myself. As my schedule is unpredictable and changes on a daily basis, on-demand content allows me to see my favorite shows at times convenient for me, instead of having to stay at home following a TV schedule and changing other plans in hopes of not missing out.

In conclusion, I love my media for the instantaneous access that it currently offers, and the ability to get what I desire without a large amount of complications. Modern applications support my lifestyle, which is not rooted in one specific country or location, or at any particular time.

Pascal Friedrich Degenfeld


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