Why I Heart Media

Although I’m not really sure how to define my current relationship with media, it’s safe to say they have changed my entire life. Without media, I’d be a different person, in a different place with different interests and morals. I’m not even sure if, without the profound impact media have had on my life, I’d be studying at the University of Amsterdam right now.

Media platforms have helped me develop a sense of being. It wasn’t until I started using media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, that I became painfully aware of the many problems that were going on in the world. These platforms gave me a chance to share posts regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and help spread awareness regarding racism and sexism. Social justice is extremely important to me and media have helped me become more vocal about these issues, therefore giving me a chance to acknowledge and use my privilege for good. This is something I value very much.

Media have also given me a place to meet friends and talk about things I’m passionate about. Thanks to Twitter, I am now able to text my best friends who happen to live in The United States. I can even meet up with them when they get a chance to come to beautiful Amsterdam, which has already happened once or twice. I also value this very much, because I know that without these people I’d be absolutely nowhere.

Talking about what I love, mostly with other people, has changed me as a person. I am grateful for what it has done and meant for me, since it continues to help me grow as a human being. Even though I know there are plenty of downsides to media, I have yet to regret my decision for using social media platforms and being so active online. Having found my voice there, I know they have a lot more in store for me in the (near) future. Knowing how media have helped me become aware of the world we live in, there’s hope for this generation to make the world a better place. Like Mark’s buddy Barack Obama said: Yes We Can.


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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