Why I Love Media

There are numerous reasons behind my love for Media (as a practice) – it helps me keep in touch with my family and friends regardless of their physical distance from me, it helps me find my way around an unknown city, it helps me learn new skills, make friends, so on and so forth. But there are two reasons which make me cherish Media, as we have it today, increasingly more.

First, it helped me (and others who have grown up similarly) truly become a global citizen while completely being in touch with my roots and culture. I was lucky to have spent a major part of my childhood living in a foreign country and being exposed to a myriad of cultures. It is due to media that I was able to connect with the people around me, despite being from various backgrounds, and learn about their values and beliefs. The same Media also helped me stay in touch with my relatives in India and understand the ideals treasured in my culture.

Second, it is because of Media that I am able to study here at the University of Amsterdam as an international student. It is through media that I was able to discover my passion, the many opportunities for me to study abroad and even my applications were sent through Media.

If I think back through my fun childhood incidents, there are very few which do not involve any form of media, as odd as some might find it, Media has, in a way, shaped who I am today and will continue affect my life as long as I remain an active user.

Naina Parasher (11681977)


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