Why I Love Media

The reason why I love media, is because media connects the whole world. For example, every year I’m going to an international ecumenical youth community in France, called Taizé. In this small village, about 2000 youths are joining every week in a year to connect with each other, have discussions about Christianity, find rest or simply for a joyful holiday. A huge amount of time in Taizé is spent making friends and getting to know people from different nationalities and cultures. After this week, everyone is adding each other on Facebook (although the Germans don’t because Facebook is as I heard not that popular anymore in Germany), Instagram, Snapchat and so on. This is an incredible way to keep in contact with people you’ve met and share memories together. Two years ago, I met two Spanish (or do I have to say Catalonian?) boys from around my age. We stayed in contact through Instagram and WhatsApp, and with all the riot around the Spanish government and the Catalonians, I was very interested in their opinion about all this insurrection. They told me everything about it and were very happy that people actually were interested in their story. The fact that we are able to have these conversations through social media is awesome. This is why I love media: to stay connected and have a living media-relationship with people around the whole world.

Tjarda Waleson


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