Why I heart my media?

Well actually, most of the time I don’t really like it that much. I’m referring to social media in this case. I’m pretty annoyed when I’m in the train and I see my friend next to me scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. And I absolutely hate going out for dinner and having to wait (while I’m already starving) till everybody has made a perfect picture of our food for their Snapchat story before I can eat.

But of course, like everyone else, I have my own reason to love my media despite the negative aspects I just mentioned . I’m going to be blatantly honest:

The main reason I love my media is because without it, there would have been no way I could keep up with the news regarding my favorite celebrities on the other side of the planet. From watching music video’s and tv shows on Youtube to reading on forums that members of my favorite group are hiding their hair colors; I just love to stay updated.

And I can only thank (social) media for offering me the opportunity not only to stalk my faves, but also to discuss everything about them with people from all over the world and share memes and high quality pictures.

Thanks media, for making fangirling possible. I guess I love you anyways


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