Why I love Media

People are very controversial whether the use of media brings a positive or negative effect to people. As a person who is always surrounded by media, it is undeniable that media made us develop more than ever before. In my personal opinion, connection and communication between people is a necessary thing when trying to develop the world etc. Obviously, media is doing its job very well, because most people find it difficult to communicate with people without the use of media.

I love media, because you can communicate with your relatives or friends whenever and wherever you want. Following the development of technology, no matter people are living apart each other, they are very easily able to communicate each other by Skype or Facebook. I am very closed to about 5 friends from my high school. They are all living in different countries such as Japan, USA, UK and South Korea. We are at least 10000km away from each other. However, there is no such barrier to contact each other as if we are in the same area. On top of that, it is a very natural phenomenon that you get home-sick after you leave your home. Nevertheless, you can diminish that feeling by Skyping with your family and talk and share their daily lives. Even 10 years ago, we could not dare seeing each other’s face when someone is living in a foreign country. Media can make people close more than ever before.

I love media, because media can change the attitude or ideology of people. To give a specific example, during Vietnam War, without the media that spread out the pictures of American soldiers who killed innocent Vietnamese brutally and treat them as slaves, the war could have been lasted longer. Because the attitude of people in USA changed by using media, the war could have stopped. Not only that, in the case of North Korea, they block all the media from outside of North Korea to ordinary people. That’s because they clearly know how the media can affect the lives of North Korean. The number of North Korean who flew to South Korea is increasing annually. That shows that the number of people getting influenced by media is also increasing as time goes on. Media can save these innocent people who suffer from a selfish dictator.   

Some people argue that media gives some negative effects such as spam or wrong propaganda in the fields of politics or society. However, as long as people use media efficiently and properly, media will never be used in a negative way. We are the ones who ruin and misuse media.

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