Why I heart my media

           “Why I heart my media?”

I’ve been reading all of the blogposts today and yesterday.  And I noticed that I secretly loved it. Some of them are so personal and intimate. People are telling about their loved ones, relationships or simply confessing that they can’t life without media. It surprised me how open people were in order to answer this question. But now I have to answer it myself. While I was reading all those texts I wanted to know who was behind the blogpost so I could ask them things or simply give them a hug. Thinking all of this, I still didn’t know what to do with the question. So, I asked someone special “Do you know how I would answer this?” Later today I got something back saying:

“You told me you wanted to get into media because you wanted to express real life problems to people… you wanted people like me and you to have a greater awareness of our world and the problems we cause… You seemed quite passionate about it, whilst having further ambitions to one day own your own productions. “

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I heart media because it camedia quoten tell so many stories and you can use it to tell your story. Wherever it’s about yourself or somebody else.


– Alessia Chericoni



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