Why I love Media

QQ图片20171003233709There are several reasons why I love media. First of all, media as practices, is what we do in a daily base. Even though we think we can be excluded from media to a certain extent, we cannot live without it because it is ubiquitous. For example, the first thing I do every morning  when I open my eyes is to grab my phone and check if anyone message me. Media is something that enhances connections between different people. It also expands my view to a large extent. I learnt international news on media and having more understanding about those issues such as Brexit. Additionally, when I didn’t understand some theory of science teachers explained in class, I would just search it up afterwards. Most importantly, media has shortened our physical distance. As a Chinese student who study in a country that is far away from my home, it is really vital for me to communicate with my friends and family back in China, and media make this happen. I am able to use Wechat( a Chinese version of Whatsapp) to talk to my friends and know about their updates. I can comment on their posts and they can know how life is like in the Netherlands as well. Media not only enable us to receive information but also participating it. By doing so, the bond between friends gets tighten and the relationship between classmates gets closer. It also makes it easier for us to  know more about someone from their social media account. By looking at what they post everyday and how they phrase their words, their personality can be partially revealed.

In conclusion, media provides various conveniences in our life and without it our life will be full of obstacles, and that is why I love media. To be exact, media is what we do .

Qiuting Cai


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