Why I love my media… but do I?

The first question that pops up in my mind is.. do I really love my media? Or have I become so dependent on them that I just accept their constant presence, and slowly start to appreciate all they do for me?

This is actually the first time that I have reflected on the way I feel about media. I guess that is because they seem to blend in to our lives so vastly and quietly, that we really underestimate how much and how intensely we use them.
The perks of our media use are different to every individual, however communication to friends and loved ones is one of the most fundamental perks.
It provides us, with a previously unknown, non-stop connection between people so they can stay in touch.

This all sounds very appealing, however sometimes I can’t help but wonder.. That anticipation when you haven’t spoken to a person for a while and you’re about to see them, that anticipation has slowly become extinct. I probably sound like a reminiscing granddad who thinks everything was better in the past, but seriously, doesn’t the tension of missing someone enhance relationships for the better sometimes.

The chances of media withdrawing out of our lives are slim, very slim. So I guess the only thing that we can do is to be conscious of our excessive connectivity and to not overuse it. I’m not saying you should ignore your chatty friends, girlfriend or boyfriend on Whatsapp, I’m just saying that sometimes easing off on the communications can go a long way.

Let’s bring back the heat of the moment, that excitement of seeing someone who you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Who knows what will happen…

On that closing statement I salute you,

Ewout Colijn


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