In love with Media

Why I love Media?

Media is my life. I would not live without Media. It would be impossible to wake up on time in the morning, go somewhere without getting lost or simply stay social. You want to go out so you text your friend or check the events list on Facebook.

Media is my addiction. According to Moment, the app installed on my iPhone, I spend on average 13 hours a day on my phone and I can agree that is a disaster. I sleep with my phone, eat, drive bicycle, even when I go to the shower it is still with me. When I do not spend time on my phone, I do not have a rest from Media, I spent it on my laptop.

In addition, Media are my friends. I, as a person, who lives for already four years abroad, need to stay connected to your friends and family.  When your best friend is in another country and the whole two years before you lived five minutes away from each other and seen each other every single day. Therefore, it is very difficult now not of hear from her through a day and Facebook allows me to even when there are 1500 kilometers between us.

Media is my entertainment. 10 years ago it was difficult for moms to get their children out from the playground, nowadays it is difficult to get them off computers. It takes all our free time, we watch a movie, play video games, listen to music and even read thanks to Media.

That is why I love Media.

-Yaryna Finyak


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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