Why I heart media

I love media because media is magical.

I feel like a high level warlock with a doomguard when browsing the internet or calling my friends back in the states.

It literally gives you the ability to do almost anything you want.


You want a video of dog’s speaking? You got it.

You want to wake up at 5:45? Done.

Forgot how to make empanada’s? Recipe found.

Can’t find your way to the market? Navigation route complete.

Miss your mother? Dial the phone.

Inspired to play the acordian? Order one online.

Feeling lonely? Hello Tinder.

Can’t remember lyrics to a song? Look em up’.

Need some cash? Craigslist is your friend.

Weird rash on your back? Doctor’s appointment booked.


I would be so lost without media.

I wouldnt even know what time it was.

A world without media is a world without magic.


Published by Life in Media

Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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