Why I Heart My Media

A life without media would be very weird and empty, if you would ask me. Because since I was born I got use to media products like the television, PlayStation or the computer.

So over the years I found out there are many reasons why I like my media..

Thanks to media I can know at any time of the day what happens around me. I can check the news on the internet with a click or swipe on the laptop or even on my telephone. If I want to know what my friends and family are doing I can always check my social media from where I can be tagged to join social group activities like going to the movies or hanging out. Or people can tag me online to the things I like. There are also Vloggers and Bloggers who give me an interesting perspective in their lives. By example the video weblog of Mo Vlogs. It’s about a young man from Dubai who’s trying to have fun with his friends and family between all the wealth and luxury. It’s very interesting to see when he realizes that even with all that money and expensive products around, having fun with the people around you is more important.

Movies, internet, television and games are very important in my life. These are all media products. So it can be said that I like media in general. The reason I like movies is because they are a wonderful way to tell a story. There are many styles and special effects that can be used to create a movie. So a film has many opportunities for a talented filmmaker to show their skills.  Internet is a part of my daily life. It gives me information about everything, from serious news articles to hilarious(underground)comedy shows. Sometimes I even think that internet is so important to me that I live online. Television is a medium I’ve been watching less in recent years. Personally, I think that the world of on demand media is better than television. Nevertheless, I think television is still very good for viewing talk shows or a good documentary. The beauty of television is that it provides direct access to a world that is close to me but also a world that can be very far away. Games are a great way to test your own skills. In addition, it’s just beautiful and impressive to see that you can create and develop yourself in a world created on a computer.

Most of the time my thoughts are on music, movies and the internet. I use many media products at the same time.  I’m processing the information that is available on the internet while I’m listening to music and even focus on the television at the same time. So it can be said that I create a high attention curve for media in general.

That’s why I’ll quickly miss media if it’s not around me.

Media, especially on my phone, are nowadays indispensable when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family or, for example, ordering products and paying bills. Because of the many applications that are on my phone, I sometimes don’t need a computer anymore. For me a phone is even more personal than a computer. That’s the reason I feel that media is getting even closer to me and that I need media more and more.

Therefore a life without media is unthinkable to me.

Mubin Mohammad





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