Why I Heart My Media

I love media because it helps me connect with people from around the world, including my family and friends in Asia and Europe, and my boyfriend in North America.

For me, the use of media changed when I finished high school and got into a relationship; these were two new things for me.

In the last two years, I used media to get attention and get invited to parties. These were two of the essential things in my life.

Attention: I used Instagram to get attention, I posted pictures, and I still do, but one of the most exciting and life-changing ideas about social media I’ve heard was by my mom – “Sex sells.” That’s how I got the most attention on my Instagram; of course, I was not completely nude, but my revealing pictures got way more likes and comments than the pictures where I was showing my personality.

Parties: It’s crazy how easy it is to connect to people you know and get invited to parties; Snapchat was my second, if not first, most used social media, it helped me to find parties on the Snapchat map and then text the right people, without even asking to go to a party. By the second week of my two last years of high school, I already had my strategy on how to find a party in my town. 

In my last two years of high school, my most used apps were Instagram and Snapchat.

When I graduated high school, I realized that Snapchat is not needed in my life anymore since I moved to another country and got a boyfriend, with whom I went to most of the parties. I still use Instagram, but not to bring attention anymore, to remember the right moments or just the moment I want others to see; I could give a legitimate reason for the pictures I post, but I won’t because I think it’s obvious.

Right now, two of my most used apps are Instagram and Facebook messenger.

Instagram – to remember the moments in a form of aesthetic posts and stories. Also, I use Instagram to be connected to my boyfriend since both of us don’t use Snapchat anymore.

Facebook messenger – because I haven’t seen my parents in more than a year, messenger helps me stay connected to them.

So why do I heart media?

I would say that because from media, I can get things that I lack the most, like attention and parties, which was in high school, and now, memories and connection to the loved ones. 

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