A new freedom of speech

Being able to write here about my thoughts, about my feelings, is an outstanding opportunity that media give me and that’s why I love them. Even decades after the beginning of our media life, it still seems incredible to me to be totally free to tell the world how I feel, what I like and what I don’t like, what I want to do in life and what scares me of it. All of these things are possible thanks to media, in some of the easiest ways I know: with a post, a comment or a photograph on a social media, for example. I write poems and short stories, and in a world without media, it would be nearly impossible for me to share what I write with everyone. Thanks to platforms like Instagram or Tumblr or Wattpad, I’m now able to publish what I write, and people can read it and be comforted by my words. People’s feedback is the most important thing to me. When it is positive, it gives me hope, it makes me feel that what I’m doing is appreciated and liked, or, when it is negative, it makes me focus on what doesn’t work.

The media give me the attention and the personal space that I’m not allowed to have in real life, they give me the possibility to find my place in the world, to express myself and become who I really want to be.

meme found on the web edited by me 🙂

-Anna, SN 13530232


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