The never-ending space of media

A limitless space of secrets and adventures expecting to be experienced. You are a brave and determined cyber-astronaut willing to explore the corners of the known and unknown media. Grab your equipment, jump into your spacecraft and sett off to your journey. You will travel to unimagined places, from incomprehensible tooth paste commercials in which you keep thinking about that one 1/10 stubborn dentist who refuses to recommend the product just to fulfil their ego, up to breathtaking wildlife documentaries about our world and even further!

Consuming media isn’t just reading a newspaper or watching a movie. It’s a journey to the unknown, where many adventures are awaiting. Imagine yourself freely surfing the stars of news, cute kitten videos and suspicious free iPhone giveaways.

You are tempted to stop by a near constellation of hilarious YouTube fail compilations, take a moment to appreciate the abundant nebulae of reading materials on the reach of a single click. Take a break from your everyday life and watch your favorite TV show lying down on a space comet drinking your favorite drink. Close your eyes, take your space helmet off and listen to the most unique songs and podcasts ever created.

Are you feeling lonely out there into the unknown world of media? Just send a message to aliens! Because you have the internet, you can talk to anyone you wish!

Don’t feel like it? It’s completely fine, take the omni powerful tv controller and start switching down all the channels in the universe, there is something great for everyone!

There are no limits but the ones you set yourself! You can be creative, explore, learn and most importantly, ENJOY! This is namely, why i heart my media. And now, if you excuse me, more adventures are waiting for me, au revoir!

Martin Hadzhiev


Published by Life in Media

Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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