Media is part of who we are

Media is part of who we are. Media has shaped me to be the person I am today. All my hobby’s and interests are to some extent influenced by media. The movies I watch, the music I listen to, the clothes I wear, the books I read, even my passion for football is influenced by media. I am grateful for the ability to keep up with my favourite football team and players, my favourite artists, designers, film producers, youtubers and other creatives. All these different influences help and inspire me every day.

In media, I find both comfort and inspiration. The joy I find through media, whether it’s watching my team do well or discovering new music, is partly what gets me through the day and what gives me comfort. The fashion and interior designs, the art, the movies and short clips I watch, inspire me to create and realize ideas. The certain youtubers and other creatives I follow help me to improve and ground myself and remind me to appreciate the little things in life. All of this is because of media. Because of the internet, we are able to find new interests, create new hobby’s or even create new connections and relationships with other people. 

However, I find it increasingly important, but at the same time very difficult, to take breaks from media. Because we are exposed to media every single day, because we are constantly on our devices, we sometimes forget what is really important in our lives. Because we constantly have the distraction of the internet and are increasingly drawn into these forms of escapism, we can find ourselves neglecting things such as your own family. Because we are constantly confronted with all the amazing aspects of people’s lives on social media, we fail to appreciate and see the beauty in our own lives. 

What I like to do is to take breaks from media, at least to some extent, or I really think about the effect of what I am consuming. Instead of picking up my phone first thing in the morning, I decide to take a walk. Instead of scrolling through social media while eating breakfast, I read a book, which influences me in a completely different way. During the day I take moments to drink some tea, meditate, journal or simply to reflect on life. These practices keep me grounded.

That being said, we know that it is impossible to completely escape from media. So instead of being afraid of media, try to embrace it. Try to be grateful for the existence of media, because it definitely has advantages. Just be aware of your media consumption. Take moments every day, to reflect on your media use and life itself. Because to think rightly is to create. 

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