Why I Heart My Media

Media is a very broad concept which can be understood in the different ways. Speaking of myself, my media is more about social networks. I heart my media because, first of all, it is my “friend”. It is always there for me when I need it. I can share my emotions, feelings and events through it. Media listens to me every single day and never hinders my communication with the external world.

For the last month media helped me in a way it had never helped me before. Recently I have faced with the experience of immigration. In August I moved to Amsterdam in order to start university studies. I can not fully describe my emotional state in the very beginning because it was completely difficult to adapt myself here. But then I started to use my media a lot. I started creating tons of new content. I filmed every eye-catching street view, every time I met someone and so on. Sharing different experiences on my Instagram stories provided me with an ability of expressing my feelings and opinion. It has actually become a hobby of mine now. And it is even cooler when I receive any kind of feedback from my followers. It is so nice to hear from random people that they feel me and like what I am doing. Moreover, my media is a communication tool. It helps me stay in touch with my friends and relatives, who are far away from me. Media makes me feel that they are so close, so I even can feel that I am home. 

By the way, I think as an example I can borrow a line from the song called “Home” by Machine Gun Kelly: “Home, a place where I can go”. The reason for choosing this song is that media is my “home” now and I can go there whenever I want. It is my place of comfort and coziness. So, all in all, media is my “friend” and “home” at the same time. And that is why I heart my media.

Alexandra Lomakina



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