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My relationship with media has drastically changed since my arrival in Amsterdam. Even though it is one of my biggest interests, I think that I have been scared of it most of my nineteen-year long life. As we live in media, I reckon that can be overwhelming for many of us, even unbearable at times. The pandemic forced us to stay in our homes for many months, we had to switch to online schooling, working, shopping and socializing. Our mobile phones, laptops and other devices became our closest “friends” as they enabled us to communicate with our loved ones.

So actually, my relationship with media has already somehow shifted because of the coronavirus outbreak. Although I only discovered the change during my first week here, in Amsterdam. I think that many of us might have felt a little lonely in the beginning. At least I did, but it was not because nobody liked me. I had to leave my whole life behind me, say goodbye to all my friends, my family and my boyfriend. It was me, who left all of them there, which left me with a guilty conscience. But as days passed I have gotten used to this place and discovered it is not so bad, after all. And media played a big part. Thanks to media, I can hear my parents’ voices every day, and watch films with my boyfriend. I can also gossip with friends and see my sister’s new hairstyle. Through media I can keep in touch with all of them and be here at the same time.

This is why I love my media. During such a big shift in my life, it helped me feel close to all the people I care about. I don’t want to become completely dependent on it, I think that people have a tendency to fall in love a little too much. I am in Amsterdam and I truly want to cherish the opportunity that I got, but at the same time share it with my friends and family. And, for me, that is exactly what media is here for.

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