I love media as It causes me to seek, desire and search. As a child, I remember taking away my father’s laptop to play games, to see some cooking videos, or to watch previous episodes of Dora the explorer which I missed due to school and were not airing on the television again. It made me desire to see more and more of the world, have dreams, think big. I wonder if, my parents would send me to a faraway country to study if it wasn’t for media?

Last year, I was low on self-esteem, I barely ate, and I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to live on until there was this page on Instagram, which posted a quote, it had the exact words written which I needed to hear, reminding me of what it is like to be happy again and to have trust and self-confidence. It gave me an idea to make a poetry page to express myself anonymously, and to my surprise, so many people were inspired by my words, came to seek my advice, and at a point in my life, a friend of mine told me I was her inspiration. It felt good, and it made me feel alive again. This is the reason why I love my media. It inspires me (and makes me laugh…Kim wearing absolutely idk what on met gala was bahah).

According to me, media have always been evolutionary. We get to see new forms of it every passing year. It always intrigued me that how amazing and intimidating it is that we can find anything on google, bing, safari, etc. It keeps me guessing and that is why I love every form of media so much. As I have seen so many incidents where once a curious mind doesn’t feel the same excitement anymore, something within the person dies down. but with media, it is different. It allows me to keep myself updated about current affairs, celebrity life, the industry and contributes to a certain extent in helping me make better decisions about my career, and life in general. It’s fun and a platform for knowledge seekers like me.

I also love it as it keeps me connected to my family and friends far away, now I am no longer bound by geography. To be honest, there are too many reasons why I heart my media. It is flexible, measurable, and inescapable, at least in this era;)


Araadhita, 13523309.


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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