Media is confusing

Media is something that I cannot live without. 

Since I am an international student living in a different country and a continent that I have never been to, 8000 km away from my family, makes me use media not as a want but as a need. 

For example when I video call with my family, I try to focus on them and feel as if they are actually here but then when I see the red ‘end call’ button, it makes me realize that I am not in the same room as them. This remediation theory makes me feel like without media I will be unable to keep in touch with my family but also makes me feel like they are there with me all the time.

I love media because of this. I love how it makes us feel like we are constantly in touch with the entire world yet it is watching every single move we make. 

It’s fascinating how I get an ad about something that I was talking to my parents about the previous day when I didn’t even make a google search. It’s like it is listening to everything we do and then tries to make it ‘easier’. 

I love media because it makes our everyday tasks much more simple. How media as artifacts have really saved a lot of time especially during the pandemic. Things such as contactless payments, online learning etc have really taught us to value our devices a little more every single day.   

What do you guys think would happen if we became media and the only thing that existed was media and nothing else?

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