why i heart my media?

Since we are all aware of media’s ubiquity, we are left with no choice but to accept that fact and live with them, ergo either love or hate them. I, although not so wise yet, came to the realisation – why shall I burden my heart with hate when love is such a better feeling.

If I didn’t have my media, how would I have even heard that Limp Bizkit released their first song in a decade? How would I otherwise get an insight into how my friends back home are doing and how would I flex on them with the beautiful Amsterdam views I get to cherish on a daily basis? What would I do without theneedledrop providing me inspiration and recommending new music all around the globe to be heard? How would I (sometimes illegally, I promise – not that often though) download books and movies to immerse in and spend a day in its entirety without even realising how quickly the time passes? How would I feel without being conscious of the freedom I posses to post my daily thoughts and bear the consequences for such actions?

All those questions help me deduce that such a deep connection (like ours with media) is almost always based on a love-hate basis. But come on, how could the love not prevail when you are feeling empowered, free and focal? That is why I heart my media

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