Why I Love My Media

If this question had been asked a couple months ago, I probably wouldn’t have had any concrete answer to it. My media was invisible to me (as we discussed during this course), and I didn’t quite understand how much I depended on it.

Before coming to Amsterdam, I had the battery on my phone changed. This process took a couple hours, and it meant that during those couple hours I would be left without my phone. Consequently, that day, due to my move to Amsterdam, was a very busy one. I had to do many errands around the city and without my phone everything became an inconvenience.

Firstly, I was late to everything. Without my phone I had no concept of time or space (I also got lost a little). Before leaving the house I frantically searched for my phone to check the weather, and when I realized I didn’t have it, I stuck my hand out the window and assessed the situation like that.

Once I sat in the car, I realized I was subject to only listening to the radio since I couldn’t access any of my playlists. Everything became an inconvenience. I couldn’t use my credit cards since the pins are written down in my phone, I couldn’t organize my schedule as it was written down in my calendar app, I couldn’t communicate with my friends and family, especially my sister who is in the US.

Now, I understand that this probably sounds ridiculous but, it made me realize just how much I love my media. After that day I realized that I don’t only use my phone to “Text” or scroll through social media, I use it everyday to make my life easier, to connect with the people that I love, to watch Netflix, take photos, make memories, and to distract myself from things that honestly don’t bring me joy but are a part of this world.

-Jelena, 13478273


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