Stockholm Syndrome of Media

Since Media is everywhere, always present wherever I go, since I was born, how can I not love it? That’s the question I ask myself when I talk about Media. It is the thing that shapes me and probably the majority of people’s lives. I can talk about hoWe constantly reference things in conversations, we are influenced by characters we see on screen or read in books. We continuously consume and consume for the thrills or for emotions, for comfort. So how can I not love my media when it literally shapes my life and personality… without it I wouldn’t be me. So there’s this Stockholm Syndrome style situation where I have to love the media because not only does it constantly bombard me, it literally makes me. 

I rely on it to make and plan stuff with friends, to talk to family, to look for cooking recipes, to waste time. It is essential to my life and nothing showed that more than the October 4th outage, where my primary media for communications were down. My plans to coordinate work or contact my family were delayed for 6 hours, a miniscule problem compared to a business who literally relies on Facebook, yet an app completely changed my plans for the day. So media both molds me but it also commands me, so why should I not love it if it makes my life easier. Yet I do have genuine love for the media I consume, especially Art such as Film, is something I absolutely adore, I can’t go a day without bringing up movies in my thoughts or conversations. The famous critic Roger Ebert once described movies as “…a machine that generates empathy.” and that’s precisely why I love them. Films allow me to see different perspectives of our world and sometimes allow me to escape in order to see the life of someone else. Like most Media it is escapism but it can be so much more and that’s what I love about it.



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