Media has been my closest friend growing up. Media has also been, and still is, my favorite toy to play when I am bored or in the look out for something new. Reflecting up to this point in my life, and knowing I have been operated by some machine even before it was a “thing” is extremely bothering. Yet, I cannot thank media enough for always being there when I really needed a hand to hold. Because of media, I was able to stay in touch with all of my mutual friends and family who lived apart from me, I was able to translate words I did not know in English, I was able to google how to pluck my eyebrows without crying, and even, how to cook pasta like Gigi Hadid. The definition of media varies person to person; to me, I view media as a tool that supports our learning and our transportation to finding anything we want or need. Even so, I would disagree if that is how we should be living our lives today.

For me, I love media because I learn so much, I get inspired to be motivated and successful as others, I can talk with people across the world, and I can post photos whenever I want to without a reason. Contrary, I unlove media because of the degree it pushes everyone back from enjoying the little things that life brings outside a screen or entertainment created by others.

My story with media began since I grew up as I was surrounded by many alienated-shaped machines because of my dad’s work, I attained an attraction towards an item that virtually cherished a part of me. Thus, I still have a strong neglecting towards it because I suffered from being a normal kid as I entered the media world too early which harmed me mentally, but matured me rapidly. I say this confidently because I spent an enormous part of my life alone and being too afraid of interacting with people, I relied hugely on media to find who I wanted to be, how I should think, and how I wanted people to perceive me as. I can still remember feeling isolated having to be like the others, but then I realized what I began to like and dislike.

Now being older, I would scold my 10 year old self for failing at such simple task in life, but I would not say I regret it as I was able to understand simple things clearer than people my age. Nevertheless, seeing my five year old brother attempting to be a Youtuber or Tiktoker frustrates me because of all of the opportunities he will abandon such as scarring his knees from playing too much, or crying for hours because he can no longer be playing at the park by being too devoted to media. 

My point is that regardless of what our generation has normalized as the perfect life, media is almost inevitable to use at this point. There are many reasons why I could rant over why media shapes us in a particular way and pushes us from living a life without media. Of course I hate it to an extent, but I also love it because without it, I would not understand what some things are and I would not be the person I am today. In addition, as a university student all alone in a country I never thought I be in, media supports me in ways that help me stay afloat and keep me motivated.

So, to media, thank you.

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