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Do I love the media? It’s not like I had a choice really, our generation is born into a world that is made out of omni-present forms of media with new ones regularly appearing and easily finding its way to hungry content consumers. By perfecting the paper press humans have embarked on an exciting journey – a technological revolution of some sorts – trying to find out the most efficient and appealing way to spread information, communicate and influence others. I am not talking about love towards the media, I’m simply trying to say that I can’t imagine my own life without it.

My phone has become a cybernetic extension to my life. From the palm of my own hand I can access the broader knowledge that a hundred enciclopedias used to keep. I can reach out to anybody I know, anywhere, instantly. I can take out my 4k camera and capture my surroundings at any time, instantly sharing it with the word in any possible form I want. 

And all these things that sounded like science fiction years ago, today we take for granted. I cried to my family on my phone countless times during difficult moments, but the phone has also been here to capture my happiest. I couldn’t live in the Netherlands if I didn’t have it by my side. It is the one thing that keeps me connected to my homeland and to my family, and the non-stop online connection I have with them is making me feel like I am not alone here, on the other side of the continent.     

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