My closest friend, yet my biggest distraction!

As cheesy as it may sound, I can’t imagine my life without media, I know it sounds a bit ugh but yea, it’s true. I think I spend most of my time on media, from waking up and checking Instagram to listening to music the whole day to watching my favourite Netflix show at night, oh and of course getting uni things done…yea… Anyways jokes aside, media has definitely helped me in many ways such as listening to comforting music when I’m feeling down to watching some of my favourite Youtubers to keep my mind busy and away from all the bad things that are bringing me down. Through media, I get to connect with my closest friends whom I sadly don’t get to see that often, and of course face timing my parents pretty much every day. To hear them simply ask “have you eaten?” or “How was your day?” through the phone really makes my day 10 times better. So, a big thank you to media for letting me stay close to my family even when were so far apart. (and thank you for letting me listen to my best friend’s rants about her class mates on face time, which btw go on for hours)

Also, I would like to give a huge shout out to Google Maps for getting me places without me ending up on the other side of the world. Seriously, it has been a huge life saver, God knows where I would end up every day without Google Maps.

And as much as there are positives for using media, of course there are some down sides, for me, that is that it DISTRACTS ME every time I try to sit down and get some work done. Like I will start studying and if my phone makes a ting sound, that’s it, that’s where the work stops. But I mean jamming out to some of your favourite songs while studying is always nice, as a matter of fact, I am currently listening to my favourite playlist while I’m writing this post 😉

In short, I love my media because it keeps me close to the people I love most and because it lets me listen to my favourite artists every day!

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