Media is my best friend

To be honest, media is my best friend. Media made me happy, made me cry, made me appreciate my family, friends, and myself. It might sound silly, but I am a better person just because I have a phone. What do I mean by that? The answer is simple – my phone helps me become someone I always wanted to be. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. My smile is so wide when I see people reaching out to me or even sending me a cute picture. I feel sad if I see that something terrible happened. In other words, media and people who reach out using social media platforms have a huge influence on my emotions and I could not imagine my life without them. In addition, media makes me feel like I belong, makes me realize that somewhere in the world there are people like me. I strongly felt that during the lockdown last winter when I was forced to spend my days being home alone. Then social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram made me smile, helped to conquer my loneliness.

Maybe media means so much to me because I did not have a life without it? Maybe if media disappeared and I could not watch TV or send a selfie to my mom I would get used to it and my life would be completely different. However, now I use media every day in one way or another and life without it seems unimaginable. When social media platforms I use the most did not work this week I realized how different life would be without checking my phone. The thing that made this social media crash easier was the fact that it was not just me who could not post anything, it was the whole world. In addition to that, this event made me think about how dependent we all are from media. 

In conclusion, media is like a human without a body who helps me live my life and is there is in brightest and darkest moments. Since media has always been in my life, I could not imagine living without it. I heart it, because wherever I am, media makes me feel like I belong, makes me feel like I am home.

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