Media is another world besides the real one

The first time I remember of getting touch with media is watching animation on TV, and now I am sure it is definitely not the real first time, cause our generation has already be totally surrounded by media, especially online social media.

I love media just because I feel I am already become part of media, not media become part of me. Although there are plenty forms of media but for me, the most significant one is social media network. I am a Chinese, I think there may be some differences of the social media platform that we used. In china, people have to use VPN in order to use Ins, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, even Google. Therefore, we have our own social media platform system just like above ones. Instead of user from worldwide, the majority of user-base of our social media is Chinese people. (But we still can receive news, big events from international, we also love to watch international TV series and movies, even though there are some fragments are lost as they are considered to be “unhealthy””violent” etc.)

I still do not know whether a social media system is not such international is good thing or bad, on the one hand, we may lose culture diversity on those social media platform to some extent, on the another hand, our own culture will never be lost. I believe people are more easier to contact with, as almost all of us are live in China and probably we watch the same Chinese TV series that people from other countries are not(I guessed ahhhhh I think there are quiet very few international people watch Chinese TV series, Chinese is hard and I guess the the lack of subtitle is the biggest problem.) I just feel some people is very close with me even though I had never see them in the real world. We still know each other even more than reality friends do. That’s sound crazy in 20 years ago. Indeed, we connect with social media, it even allows us to have an online relationship with your love. Isn’t is another world? A world also allows connections and emotions and it enable us to get in touch with someone you can’t in the real world, it is just like a magic that let everyone can be heard.

Our social platforms are also become more international, just like TikTok, which is made by a Chinese company. And there also are many people use Ins in China even though connect VPN is troublesome ahhhhh. Media also make the world united, intimate and culture diversified.

There are endless things we can talk about media, maybe my paragraph is messy and themeless, but I love media! It is what construct my fabulous life!



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